Meet the founder

Hi my name is Austeja and I have been wanting to share more of my story lately.

With my mum being a ceramic artist and my dad events producer from the very early age I was surrounded by art and culture. I remember spending my days in my mum's workshop filled with clay, glaze dust and unfinished pieces of art in the making. I never really understood how much work goes into it until I started a business of my own. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I always wanted to call something of my own and Little Dune is not just another online store, it is my passion project. Being able to understand the beauty of the process of craft making I wanted to cherry pick the most stunning items for my customers' home life. Recently I realised another long lived passion by introducing my own designs to home items, wall prints and clothing collections. Besides curating creations of others it has been just a blessing to be able to add my own designs to the store as well.

I am a mum of 1 and we currently live in London. While I am sure that everyone will find something for them to enjoy in the store, I created it thinking of my fellow mums who very rarely have any time for themselves. As we are so busy - finding opportunities for beautiful me time can be challenging. I wanted to help women create a home and space for themselves where they would be able to fully relax and enjoy the quiet moment with a book or cup of tea in their favourite loungewear.

A while a go I read the quote saying “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realise they were the big things.” That just hits the nail on the head of what life is about for me and I want others to be able to share the same philosophy too.


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